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Profitable & Transformational Workshop Secrets

Dear Facilitator, Teacher, Coach, and Expert,

Are you looking for something to add excitement, learning retention, transformational impact, and increased financial flow to your workshops?

Over the last 18 years, I’ve taught thousands of hours of transformational workshops, in-person and online with powerful results. So impactful in fact that for years I ever time I’d finish one level of a program the group immediately requested the next level of training. That’s frankly why I have sooooooo much content.

I’ve taught this training over the years both in-person and on-line.  No matter where you are in the world you can learn these secret techniques. They are potent and produce results, otherwise I wouldn’t still be here still facilitating after 18 years.

They work just as well on-line as in-person. In this training I’ll be mostly focused on how to use them in-person, while sharing with you some ways to utilize them online.

This training is unique because of all the places the wisdom was gathered...

  • First, I started as a ballet teacher (this helped me to know how to MOVE workshop energy and participants).
  • Then, I studied Accelerated Learning extensively (this provided a powerful system to help create results but also included ways to get students to embody concepts kinesthetically).
  • Next, I trained as a priestess facilitator (here I learned to hold emotionally safe space for deeply transformative experiences).
  • After that, I had years of hands on experience (I facilitated workshops almost every weekend for over 11 years).
  • Finally, I tackled my technological fears, took tons of additional trainings, and learned to facilitate transformational workshops online.
I look forward to sharing powerful facilitation experiences and business building skills with you,

This combination of skills will help you in some incredibly powerful ways to release the next level of your inner facilitator and increase your results!

You’ll Come Away With…

  • Your 6-figure or next level facilitation strategic business plan amplified
  • Your inner facilitator fully activated at the next level to help you grow a thriving business
  • Deeper skills to help your clients clear blocked energies in your workshops
  • Dynamic ways to move group energy in your workshops
  • Potent tools to create accelerated learning facilitation environments
  • Accelerated learning ways of working with Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit in your group programs and to grow your business
  • Experience in determining when someone needs to clear energy or direct the forces of co-creation
  • Facilitation skills for holding space for each persons individual process and the movement of group energy in your workshops
  • Knowing how to access the help you need on the inner realm to help your participants achieve their dreams
  • Skills with how the astrological archetypes influence your group programs
  • Tools for dealing with resistance and creating safety in your workshops
  • Tips for integration after your groups
  • The capacity to create a group energetic container for transformation
  • Increase wisdom on how to help someone process a piece that arises from the work
  • Powerful ways to work with dance and creativity for energetic movement and/or integration
  • Important business building and marketing strategies for your facilitation business

Included in this Power-Packed ONLINE Training:

Join Dynamic Facilitator Lisa Michaels for this content-rich on-line training where you’ll learn the secrets to creating profitable workshops with great results for your participants — whether you are new to facilitating or have years of experience — you’ll be bringing them back time after time hungry for more.

Module 1

Get started developing your next level profitable workshop business strategy.

Module 2

Expand your inner facilitator success skills to grow your business.

Module 3

Accelerated learning secrets that dynamically boost your participants results and keep them coming back for more.

Module 4

Powerful activations that move group energy in your workshops.

Module 5

How to design and create your own profitable transformational workshops.

Module 6

How to hold a strong safe energetic container for transformation in your workshops.

Module 7

How to utilize Earth & Water to support your workshops and build your business.

Module 8

How to include Air & Fire to accelerate your programs and your business growth.

Module 9

How to bring Spirit into your groups and align the unified field for greater participant and business success.

Module 10

Uplevel Your Marketing Mojo to Promote Your Programs.

Module 11

Vital steps to take leading up to and during your program to create success.

Online Training Only

Done for you downloadable workshop materials include:

  • 11 Potent Training sessions, ready for immediate viewing, each approximately 60 minutes, taught personally by Lisa Michaels.
  • Continuous replay’s of all the presentations for a full year in case you want to hear any section again – including downloadable MP3’s.
  • Handouts and transcripts of each of the trainings.
  • A template for effortless workshop design.
  • Step-by-step system for workshop delivery.
  • Receive a downloadable completion certificate when you submit your completion materials.

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