Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training

Learn to utilize the elements and rhythms of nature in your daily life.

This program supports you in deepening your living relationship with the forces of creation. Manifest from your authentic purpose, with purpose. Revolutionize the way you lead your life and business creations into manifest form.

Step into your purpose as a revolutionary change maker. Contribute and bring forth a harmonious connection to all of creation. Collectively co-create abundant sustainability, peaceful living, joyful expression, and loving action for the highest good for all.

Life Creation 101 Manifestation is for YOU if you're ready to...

natural rhythms
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  • Begin to prosper and thrive financially in more soul-filled ways.
  • Observe your personal and professional relationships and communications improving as you understand the elemental energies found in Nature.
  • Create more inner harmony and balance by aligning with both active and receptive energies.
  • Direct your intention for health and wellness in naturally supportive ways.
  • Find your purpose and passion expanding as you fully express your essence.
  • Strengthen your authentic leadership abilities as you nourish your inner feminine.
  • Dynamically direct the creation energies of your business and life for organic success.
  • Develop your inner abilities to expand your natural personal power.
  • Become more effective in each realm: physical, emotional, mental, action, and spiritual.

Elemental Manifestation Wisdom

Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training Level 1: NR100

You’ll come away with…

  • The capacity to call the appropriate elemental realm when you need support and guidance.
  • Potent soul deepening that comes when you integrate the developmental task of each element to more effortlessly bring Spirit into matter and the formless into form.
  • The power of each element Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit dynamically activated within for more grace-filled manifestation ability in every area of life.
  • A unique understanding of each of the 12 astrological archetypes and gates and how to use them to manifest your visions and dreams.
  • The ability to apply each element in your prosperity and business to increase growth.

Rhythmic Manifestation Power

Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training Level 2: NR200 

Prerequisite: Elemental Manifestation Wisdom Level 1: NR 100

You’ll come away with…

  • The ability to consciously manifest with the rhythmic cycles of Earth/Wheel of the Year, Water/Moon, Air/Astrological Wheel, Fire/Sun, and Spirit/Yin and Yang.
  • A personal wholeness integration for each element which transforms your capacity to align with heart-centered sustainable success.
  • The level two powers of each element activated in a unified field so you can plant the seeds of your manifestation desires in fertile inner soil, increasing your creation capacity.
  • Discover how to effectively clear energy in each of the elemental realms so you can release any blocks and move your manifestations forward.
  • The ability to apply each elemental Level 2 power to prosper in your life and and business.

Life Design Mastery

Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training Level 3: NR300

Prerequisite: Elemental Manifestation Wisdom Level 1: NR 100 & Rhythmic Manifestation Power Level 2: NR 200

You’ll come away with…

  • Your life design overview to spring board you into powerful next steps.
  • A deeper connection to trusting your inner guidance, intuition and higher self.
  • A greater understanding of what fulfills you in life so you can guide your future effectively.
  • More clarity around your life purpose and mission from which to call forth your creations.
  • How to elementally support yourself through a creation growing curve to get better manifestation results.
  • How to align with Spirit in your planning to co-create the life of your dreams.

Plus at this level of your online training you’ll also receive 2 additional trainings “Become an Elemental Wisdom Carrier” and “Elementally Activate Your Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix.


Leslie Clayton

“Natural Rhythms has helped me deepen my connection to my body. The value of aligning the body with the elements is hard to describe. I will say, at a time when life is moving very fast and it can be hard to keep up with the natural pace of the world, slowing down to connect with the elements helps me move into the world with ease and grace.”


Chantal Debrosse

“The wisdom teachings of the elements have given me a deeper perspective through which to view every aspect of business and life. Through Natural Rhythms I am keenly aware of nature’s timing and my own timing of expansion and contraction. With this understanding I am capable of maximizing every life experience.”


Tammy Huber-Wilkins MD

“Attending Lisa Michaels’ workshops has awakened a deep, wise, powerful and intuitive part of myself that was asleep. I have manifested things I never before thought possible and I feel more alive and vibrant. Lisa is a delightful balance of divine feminine and masculine energy and models how to be fully present with another human being with deep compassion. What I have learned from her has made my life more, juicy!”

Helen Magers

Helen Magers, LPCC

“Working with the natural elements through Natural Rhythms has enriched my personal and professional life. As a mental health professional I use the powerful the elements to assist clients in finding the source of pain they are experiencing, to solve issues they are struggling with and to experience the wonderful gifts of the natural world.”

Alice Scott

Alice Scott

“Life Creation 101 has opened up so many deep insights into working with the elements. I have connected at a profound level with the sacred power of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I work with the elements in astrology; however, Natural Rhythms elemental world has expanded my understanding of the mystery and wisdom of the rhythms of nature. The concepts are also very grounded (Earth) so that I was able to apply the ideas on a very practical level in my business and life.”


Claudia Harsh, MD

“As an Ob-Gyn Physician, I use the natural rhythms of the wheel of the year and the moon almost daily in my professional life. The cycles of initiation and growth followed by rest and renewal are powerful tools for women’s education and empowerment. Whether I’m framing a discussion on PMS or fertility or menopausal symptoms, I find there is wisdom to share in the Natural Rhythms and Elemental teachings.”

Bonnie Salamon

Bonnie Salamon

The life-altering teachings of Natural Rhythms rekindled the light that had all but gone out in my being. It was through the many connections to the natural world that I came to know, and understand, my life purpose: to help ‘launch’ those who want to reawaken the Passion, Power, and Purpose in their lives. I embarked on a journey that would enable me to aid my clients in reaching their fullest potential and life purpose. It also became a meaningful way to serve my community, and has brought me into the most fulfilling time of my life. It is without reservation that I can state how beautifully my life has unfolded after walking through the doorway to coach and facilitate Natural Rhythms.

Jana L. Jopson

Jana L. Jopson

“Although the elements were in my awareness, activating them as sentient partners through my studies with Natural Rhythms continues to be the most influential awakening of my life.  As a mindful entrepreneur and message mentor, it has meant adding five powerful advisers to my team to better assist my clients.  And it has brought me five immutable friends who remind me to flow, focus, shift, and savor.”