REVOLUTIONIZE Your Entrepreneurial

Financial FREEDOM

Liberate Your Time, Money & Wealth Creation with the Natural Rhythms Entrepreneurial Freedom Crusade

Dear Conscious Entrepreneur,

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed. They long for freedom and often aim for it but most of the time they end up getting trapped in a system of production they can’t break free of and quite honestly have no idea how to even begin designing their own release.

I personally tried to find help and support around this for years. I had trouble finding information or mentors to help me create entrepreneurial freedom, much less finding a role model coming from the feminine frequency.

There’s a big difference in a woman or a man running masculine energy and a leader steeped in the balance of feminine and masculine ways of being. I needed the depth of the feminine essence and Nature to be included in my quest for liberation. The old purely masculine path just no longer worked for me, I tried it.

Please allow me to introduce myself; I’m Lisa Michaels a lifelong entrepreneur. I’ve created businesses and produced income that sustained me in every elemental realm. My businesses included everything from owning and directing a 500 pupil ballet school to being a bestselling author and facilitating programs globally and more. However, what I eventually realized, the very hard way, was that income alone will never free me.

After this deep realization, I set about figuring out just exactly what would free me and how to effectively go about it. What I discovered took me to the very core of what I’d been programmed with all my life about entrepreneurship (my father, mother, and grandparents were all entrepreneurs at some time in their life). They taught me to work hard, well I did that for years and years, and freedom never arrived. Working hard and producing income alone won’t free us.

What I realized was my core programming about being an entrepreneur was right in some ways but fundamentally missing some serious ingredients. If you also don’t know how to work smart, be strategic, learn to leverage, and know what to do with your money when you make it you’ll never free yourself from the tyranny of working hard as your own boss and working forever (no matter how much you love it and I loved every business I created).

women entrepreneurs

Now I’ve witnessed thousands of entrepreneurs struggling with the same thing and if they are conscious or have a spiritual connection they also deal with how they feel about money and making money in our current culture. They fight with how to unite their conscious spirituality and love of nature with making money.

I’ve spent a lot of time in deep prayer about how to guide entrepreneurs like you most effectively, teaching what I’ve learned and creating an environment where you can be surrounded and supported by other like-minded freedom designing entrepreneurs. So after massive inner listening and tuning into the elemental forces of creation…

Revolutionize Your Entrepreneurial Financial Freedom

Liberate Your Time, Money & Wealth Creation
with the Natural Rhythms Entrepreneurial Freedom Crusade…was born.

According to, a CRUSADE is any vigorous, aggressive movement for the defense or advancement of an idea, cause, etc. I believe entrepreneurial freedom is worthy of a crusade because we’ve been programmed to set our own traps financially on multiple levels and to stay enslaved forever. It’s time for freedom!

Whether you are an entrepreneur just getting started or an experienced serial entrepreneur like me, whether you’ve made no money as an entrepreneur, a little bit of money, or a lot of money –this crusade’s for you if you are ready to design and build toward your ultimate time and financial freedom.

We need models for freedom; we need to understand new systems, we need to put new beliefs in place and take new types of actions to cultivate our entrepreneurial freedom.

During our crusade time together we’ll be focusing on increasing your capacity as an entrepreneur on every elemental realm (physical, emotional, mental, action and spiritual). We’ll concentrate on designing the business and financial systems you need in place for your freedom to manifest.

We’ll gather during the sacred Wheel of the Year timings to nourish your plan in alignment with the natural rhythms of Nature. We’ll honor both the feminine axis of creation and the masculine to keep you in balance and utilizing all the aspects of creation as you bring your freedom into form.

We’ll create paradigm shifts in your money, time, and wealth. We’ll clear out the old ways of being in every realm and activate new sustainable ways that align with pure essence and the core of creation.

If you want to do this program, don’t wait. TAKE ACTION. Don’t say to yourself, like I did for years, I’ll get to this later. Don’t think “I’ll catch it next year”, because I’m constantly evolving and I can’t promise this program will be here next year with me facilitating it. I have to keep moving and growing, that’s why Natural Rhythms is such a big body of work.

financial freedom
financial freedom for women
financial freedom

If you want to do this program put a stake in the ground for your freedom now.

Claim your course of action, and the universe will support you. 

Step into the leadership of your freedom and begin the journey now.

I consciously priced this program so it would be a super affordable value for you. I want to help as many people as possible achieve financial & time freedom so they can begin wealth creation for themselves and their families, so they can make a greater impact in the world.

Let’s face it we need feminine values, in right relationship, to the masculine in all areas of life to balance equality, create sustainability, and manifest freedom.


Your personal crusade will be a year of working together through the Wheel of the Year, one solar cycle.

Benefits from Revolutionize Your Entrepreneurial Financial Freedom

  • Establish a firm foundation in which your Entrepreneurial Financial Freedom will grow.
  • Develop your ability to generate cash flow from multiples sources, increasing your security.
  • Create a financial education mindset which stabilizes your ultimate freedom.
  • Grow your entrepreneurial and business skills for more success.
  • Align with the rhythms of nature to awaken the rhythmic timings for abundance.
  • Awaken a richer connection to Source to guide your financial, wealth and business growth.
  • Increase your network and your entrepreneurial support system in the community.
  • Have an experienced entrepreneurial high priestess holding sacred space for your freedom.
natural rhythms revolution

How the Program Works

Wheel of the Year Gatherings

First, we’ll meet 8x a year online on the sacred Wheel of the Year points for some deep diving reflection and guidance in 3 modules.

These modules will focus on…

  • Utilizing the sacred timing to grow your business.
  • Increase your money skills.
  • Receive guidance for the next 6 weeks.

Sacred Gathering Dates
February 2—Cross-Quarter  •  March 20—Equinox
May 5—Cross-Quarter  •  June 21—Solstice
August 6—Cross-Quarter  •  September 22—Equinox
November 7—Cross-Quarter  •  December 21—Solstice

Exact dates may vary and are posted in the program portal. Recorded for easy access if you can’t be there in-person.

3 Training Calls a Month

We’ll meet 3 times a month (Wednesdays at 3 pm ET) each time with a different focus. We’ll focus on…

  • Money: You’ll grow your money and wealth consciousness, increasing your capacity to develop financial freedom.
  • Business: You’ll strengthen your skill set as an entrepreneur to align with increasing levels of success and income flow.
  • Entrepreneurial Education: We’ll take one financial, money or business book at a time to read, study, discuss and grow with as a community, collectively increasing our skills.

You may ask questions anytime we gather and each training will be recorded. 

Additional BONUSES: I’ll be sharing additional bonuses in this program, on an as-needed basis, based on what I feel the group could use at any given time.

Your Commitment

This program will fundamentally reshape your freedom as an entrepreneur. To achieve success, you’ll need to agree to the following commitments…

  1. Commit to allowing yourself to move through the process of inner transformation to entrepreneurial financial freedom. Processes require the ingredients of time, movement, and developing a relationship with the topic and yourself.
  2. Commit to growing your skills which require learning, practice and patience.
  3. Commit to paying attention, showing up, and sharing as often as possible. Even if you need to catch the recordings (which isn’t an issue at all) engage in the facebook group.
  4. Commit to deepening your relationship with Nature, the elemental forces (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit), the rhythmic cycles, money, finances, wealth, and creation.

Are you ready to

Transform your Entrepreneurial Financial Freedom?


Are you ready to

Liberate Your Time, Money & Wealth Creation?


Are you ready to

Lock Arms and go on the Natural Rhythms Entrepreneurial Freedom Crusade?


If so, simply make your commitment choice and get started today…

Financial Freedom

For the Program Financial exchange, there are two options



You may join us month to month with no obligation to the entire program.

You’ll have access to the content you can download for each month you pay. If you drop out of the program all access to the content will be discontinued.

The financial exchange for the month-month option is $97 a month.

  • For every 6 months you stay with the program consecutively you’ll receive one 20 minute business break-through session with Lisa Michaels value $127.

Should you stop the month to month option and rejoin, you’ll come back to the next module in the sequence to continue your development in a progressive manner.

You have one month to determine if this program is a fit for you. If not, we’ll happily apply your first-month credit to any other Natural Rhythms programs. There are no refunds for this program.

Full Year


You may decide to commit to a full turn of the Wheel of the Year. This choice is very powerful because commitment begins to align the forces of creation.

When you enroll in the full year program you’ll receive…

  • Unlimited access to the full year content on-going
  • Three 20-minute business break-through sessions with Lisa Michaels over the course of the year. (You have the option of signing up for your sessions back to back for a longer session should you chose.)

The financial exchange for this POTENT full year program is only $997.

There are no refunds for this level; however, you have one month to determine if this program is right for you during which we’ll happily apply your credit to any other Natural Rhythms programs.