Lisa Michaels

Founder & Creator

Lisa Michaels, Founder of Natural Rhythms, is the creatrix of all  the current programs and the author of several books and products including Natural Rhythms: A Sacred Guide into Nature’s Creation Secrets, The Prosperous Priestess Handbook, and the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle. Lisa teaches conscious alignment with nature to help you dynamically increase your intuition and creation abilities to manifest powerfully. Lisa has been helping today’s leaders activate their sacred feminine in right relationship to their sacred masculine for the last 18 years. She assists you to live a life of joy, passion, and purpose consciously creating your dreams with meaning and intention.

Dionne Ruff-Sloan


Dionne Ruff-Sloan is a Natural Rhythms Creation Coach, Certified Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Practitioner and Alchemical Creation Goddess. She is amazing at deep listening, helping you reframe limiting beliefs, and guiding you to clarity. She’s been sharing her wisdom and insight through blogging [] and classes for several years now. She loves knitting, dressing in costumes and creating memorable experiences for friends and family. She lives in Duluth, GA with her husband, daughter, son and 2 dachshunds.

Judy Keating


Judy Keating, M.A. Priestess Process Facilitator, has emerged as a Priestess, High Priestess and Alchemical Creation Goddess through the lineage of Nicole Christine and Lisa Michaels. Judy has become an expert in Personal Development through 20 years of facilitation, study, practice and personal work. She is an in-demand public speaker, intuitive guide and gifted holder of sacred space. She is drawn to facilitate this work in particular, due to the pristine nature of this powerful process. Judy serves with the certainty that every person has their own unique expression of the divine and her spirit nurtures the safety of the group container while she encourages daring in each participant’s growth and process.

Kathy Daugherty


Kathy Daugherty, MS, Cht, has been guiding women to tap into their Body Wisdom for 30 years. Kathy is a Reiki Master and Master Energy Healer, Ceremonial Pipe Carrier, Ceremony Leader, ordained minister and Alchemical Creation Goddess Kathy owns Celestial Forest Learning and Celestial Forest Energy School where she trains in several healing modalities. She helps individuals listen to their body’s guidance to improve their health, wealth, business and life.