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Learn to Get Your Workshop Participants (whether your program is live or virtual) to Activate their Personal Power through Conscious Movement and Get Great Results from Working with You… so You can Move Your Business Bottom-line Forward!

Join Dynamic Facilitator, Author, and Life-long Dancer Lisa Michaels for this content-rich and activation-packed on-line training where you’ll learn the secrets to creating great results for your participants — whether you are new to facilitating or have years of experience — you’ll be bringing them back time after time hungry for more.

Power of Conscious Dance

Breaking Free From Old Energetic Patterns & Pictures

Dear Facilitator, Teacher, Coach, and Expert,

Have you been looking for the additional component for your workshops that will really help your participants apply what they learn?

Do you know how to use the physical container for full body learning? The importance of full body engagement in learning is so critical that I decided to share some of my most vital secrets to help you be even more effective as a facilitator.

For over 18 years I’ve been helping my participants clear old energies out of their life, activate what they want to bring into being, and integrate their learning in a very dynamically powerful way. If these things are not done through the body they are only partially accomplished leaving your workshops less than successful and impacting your business results.

Now more than ever people need to know how to move old energies out of their body and embody new ones. People need to get their bodies in harmony with Mother Earth to function best at this tremendous time of change.

Lisa Conscious Dance

You can easily add this dynamic workshop tool to your skill set.

No Previous Dance Experience Necessary!
  • Learn to simply and effectively guide your participants to get better results from all your workshops.
  • Learn to use this wonderful workshop tool from your own home no travel required. You only need a minimum amount of space to move in and your computer with speakers to access this teaching tool and implement it immediately into your developing business.
  • If you want to find out how to implement one of the best workshop tools going and learn some done for you program you can implement immediately then join me in this on-line program for a powerful skill building facilitator training and start taking your participants and business to the next level!
I look forward to sharing powerful facilitation experiences and business building skills with you,

This combination of skills will help you in some incredibly powerful ways to release the next level of your inner facilitator and increase your results!

Included in this Power-Packed ONLINE Training:

Module 1: Core principles and benefits of Conscious Dance the Natural Rhythms way

  • Discover how dance works as a potent workshop tool in both a live and virtual environment.
  • Activate your program and business intention.
  • Find out the program certification procedures.

Module 2: Unleash The Power of Dance in Your Facilitation

  • Gain more confidence as a facilitator when you find out the words to use to help learners of any type from conscious dancers to corporate clients open to moving in new ways.
  • Open to Divine Spirit flowing through you as a facilitator to more fully attune to what each of your groups need for their transformation.
  • Uncover the role each of the Elemental Forces (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit) play in creation and how to bring forth their wisdom to help your participants access their personal power.

Module 3: Access Earth & Water Powers in Creation & Facilitation

  • Utilize the earthen body container as the intersection point between the physical and spiritual worlds forming a vital link for your participants to fully embody any learning and activate their creations.
  • Begin developing tools to help others run clear, clean, emotional current in order to magnetize their desires into being.
  • Discover how to include the most critical component of facilitating movement, emotional safety.

Module 4: How to Apply Air and Fire Powers in Creation and Facilitation

  • Gain insight into how conscious dance enhances transformational facilitation environments.
  • Uncover how movement contributes to mental clarity and can enhance problem solving.
  • Discover why dance is one of the most dynamic tools you can use to ignite and activate personal power.

Module 5: How to Facilitate the “Move It” Workshop

  • Uncover how to help people get past the resistance to move.
  • Learn to assist your participants in moving energetic creation blocks.
  • Help your participants awaken a new level of creativity to boost their manifestation capacity.

Module 6: Work with the power of intention to help your participants clear old patterns, activate their personal intentions, and integrate learning.

  • How to use dance to consciously call forth creations.
  • Ways to use dance to clear energy and claim personal power.
  • Accelerate the ability to receive transmissions and activate intentions with dance.

Module 7: How to structure and create a powerful 1-2 hour conscious dance class.

  • Working with Elements and Timings
  • Choosing Music to Move Your Participants
  • Discover the core components of Natural Rhythms Conscious Dance in Workshops and Classes

Module 8: Sun & Moon Dance

  • How to include the rhythm of the Sun in your classes.
  • Learn to include the rhythm of the Moon in your classes.
  • Discover these two rhythms will stimulate your classes through-out the year.

Module 9: How to teach a Natural Rhythms Conscious Creation workshop.

  • A powerful done for you workshop you can modify in a 2 hour to 2 day format.
  • Easily add this program content to anything you currently teach.
  • Generate income as soon as you start facilitating this program and easily cover your investment in this program.

Module 10: How to create a unique personalized conscious dance workshop.

  • Uncover a simple yet powerful workshop formula.
  • Learn to design your own money making conscious dance workshops quickly and easily.
  • Take your workshop creation mojo to the next level.

Module 11: How to market your classes and programs.

  • Discover online ways to grow your participation.
  • Uncover in-person strategies to promote your workshops.
  • Take your marketing skills to a new level.

Online Training Only


  • Learn to help your clients easily clear what blocks them from moving forward.
  • Discover a simple and potent technique to help your participants activate any type of personal power they need.
  • Find out how to help your participants gently integrate the concepts you present.
  • Explore the body, a sacred vessel of creation and uncover why that matters to those in your workshops and how you can help them expand their creation abilities.
  • Come away with exciting tools you can use in any workshop setting to produce dynamic results.

Done for you downloadable workshop materials include:

  • A beautiful professionally designed basic teachings handout for each element.t.
  • Lisa’s Music List and the play list for the training.
  • A two-sided beautifully and professionally designed worksheet for intention setting on one-side and elemental insights on the other.
  • A professionally designed facilitator downloadable presentation card for each elemental realm, Spirit, and the unified field.
  • All the done for you tools needed to facilitate the “Sacred Dance of Money.”
  • 5 Done for you Conscious Dance Classes one for each element.

PLUS you also receive:

Elemental forces of creation
Elemental Forces of Creation Audio Book
$20 Value

4.5 hours of powerful teachings on the elements with Lisa Michaels.
Work with all the elements in an aligned way, so that you easily bring your desires into being. MP3 Format.

Five Conscious Dance Classes

One for each element with a playlist and instructions help your participants…

Earth: Ground their creations.
Water: Emotionally support their dreams.
Air: Focus an expanded life and business vision.
Fire: Activate the power to propel their creations.
Spirit: Awaken divine life and business creation guidance.

Ready to learn the powerful secrets in Conscious Dance Facilitator Training?

Online Training Only


Online Training Only

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Refund Policy: If after a year of working with this material and fully implementing in your trainings you are not 100% delighted with the information provided – just let me know and I’ll arrange to refund your money.