Feminine Leadership Revolution

Relationship Leadership Path

Developing a conscious relationship with every aspect of your life increases your ability to lead your creations into manifest form. Water mirrors your true relationship with your experiences. It reveals the needed ingredients for you to magnetize your desires from a clear flowing stream of essence.

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Relationship Leadership Path

  • Inner Goddess Creation Power

  • Planetary Alchemy

  • Awaken to the Divine Feminine

  • Radiant Divine Feminine Leadership

  • Activate Your Inner Money Goddess

  • Create a Dynamic Year

  • Global Goddess Movement

Revolutionize Your Relationships Inside and Out

Your relationship with yourself forms the foundation of all your other relationships. The inscription on the Temple in Delphi, “Know thyself” reminds a seeker to first know one’s self, and then to also know for “yourself.” The deeper you know your purpose, your unique creation power, and all that you are in relationship with in your life, the more you revolutionize your leadership.

The spirit that never dies is called the Mysterious Feminine
     Although She becomes the whole Universe, her immaculate purity is never lost.
          Although She assumes countless forms, her true identity remains intact…

Listen to Her voice … hear it echo through Creation!

~ 6th Verse of the Tao


Inner Goddess Creation Power

In this program, you’ll discover your inner feminine Goddess archetype who provides a vital ingredient of your unique creation power. You’ll uncover how well she dances in co-creation with your inner masculine, which determines the effectiveness of your manifestation capacity. You’ll also call forth and align all the archetypal players on your inner creation team in order to navigate your life from clarity, vision, and purpose. 

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Planetary Alchemy

Once you’ve digested Inner Goddess Creation Power, Planetary Alchemy is your next step to understanding and effectively manifesting with your inner creation team. In this program, you establish a relationship to the planets and uncover their alchemical influence on your life purpose and how you uniquely bring your creations into manifest form.

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Awaken to the Divine Feminine

This program assists you in establishing a direct connection to the Divine Feminine. You’ll honor the many faces of the Divine Feminine. You’ll connect to the power of the feminine life cycle and reclaim your intuitive nature. You learn to call the Goddess into ceremony and start bringing Goddess wisdom into every facet of your life.

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Radiant Divine Feminine Leadership

With this program, you’ll open the door to working with Divine Feminine leadership within and without. You’ll connect to Mary Magdalene to strengthen your inner truth. Hathor will guide you to expand your creation capacity. Sophia will connect you to the source of wisdom within. Lakshmi will bring you a richer connection to abundance. Hecate will assist you in strengthening your inner direction. Tara will nourish your compassion.

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Activate Your Inner Money Goddess

In Activate Your Inner Money Goddess, you examine and clear old beliefs and feelings about money and call back your financial power. You’ll discover how each Goddess archetype has a different sacred intent for generating abundance. You’ll awaken a living relationship with your inner money Goddess.

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Create A Dynamic Year

Annual Event

As each year turns, we gather in community online and in person to call our creations forth for the next solar cycle. This powerful program helps you align your highest priority manifestation matrix with the elemental forces of creation, assisting you in moving your matrix into manifest form. Stay tuned for details at the end of each year.

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Global Goddess Movement

The Global Goddess Movement is a group of women dedicated to priestessing the planet with purpose, passion, and presence. We join together online to support sacred causes, each other, and to engage in sacred travel together.

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“Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it’s beauty.”

Albert Einstein

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