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Manifestation Leadership Path

On this path, you begin your journey of consciously honoring, receiving guidance from, and manifesting with the elemental forces of creation: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. Whether you are brand new to working with the elements, or you’ve had years of experience, these living forces always meet you right where you are in your development and take you to the next level of leading your creations into manifest form.

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Manifestation Leadership Path

  • Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training

  • Elemental Manifestation Wisdom NR100

  • Rhythmic Manifestation Power NR200

  • Life Design Mastery NR300

  • Elemental Wisdom Carrier

Revolutionize Your Manifestation Power

Upleveling your capacity to consciously call each force of creation (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit) into an aligned unified field, and dancing with the rhythms and cycles of nature, radically increases your manifestation power. Deepening your guidance and intuition with the elemental forces helps you naturally move your creations into form with the Natural Rhythms™ Manifestation Matrix.

“To live optimally we must literally be in tune with nature.”

Howard Teich


Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training

Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training is the Natural Rhythms foundation program delivered online and includes Level 1: Elemental Manifestation Wisdom NR100, Level 2 Rhythmic Manifestation Power NR200, and Level 3: Life Design Mastery NR300.

Designed to be digested and implemented into your life one level at a time to support you in deepening your living relationship with the forces of creation. Assisting you to manifest from your authentic purpose, with purpose. Revolutionize the way you lead your life and business creations into manifest form with this core power-packed training.

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Elemental Manifestation Wisdom

Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training Level 1: NR100

You’ll come away from Elemental Manifestation Wisdom with…

  • The capacity to call the appropriate elemental realm when you need support and guidance.
  • Potent soul deepening that comes when you integrate the developmental task of each element to more effortlessly bring Spirit into matter and the formless into form.
  • The power of each element Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit dynamically activated within for more grace filled manifestation ability in every area of life.
  • A unique understanding of each of the 12 astrological archetypes and gates and how to use them to manifest your visions and dreams.
  • The ability to apply each element in your prosperity and business to increase growth.
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Rhythmic Manifestation Power

Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training Level 2: NR200

You’ll come away from Rhythmic Manifestation Power with…

  • The ability to consciously manifest with the rhythmic cycles of Earth/Wheel of the Year, Water/Moon, Air/Astrological Wheel, Fire/Sun, and Spirit/Yin and Yang.
  • A personal wholeness integration for each element which transforms your capacity to align with heart-centered sustainable success.
  • The level two powers of each element activated in a unified field so you can plant the seeds of your manifestation desires in fertile inner soil, increasing your creation capacity.
  • Discover how to effectively clear energy in each of the elemental realms so you can release any blocks and move your manifestations forward.
  • The ability to apply each elemental Level 2 power to prosper in your life and and business.
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Natural Rhythms Revolution
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Life Design Mastery

Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training Level 3: NR300

You’ll come away from Life Design Mastery with…

  • Your life design overview to spring board you into powerful next steps.
  • A deeper connection to trusting your inner guidance, intuition and higher self.
  • A greater understanding of what fulfills you in life so you can guide your future effectively.
  • More clarity around your life purpose and mission from which to call forth your creations.
  • How to elementally support yourself through a creation growing curve to get better manifestation results.
  • How to align with Spirit in your planning to co-create the life of your dreams.

Plus at this level of your online training you’ll also receive 2 additional trainings “Become an Elemental Wisdom Carrier” and “Elementally Activate Your Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix.”

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Become an Elemental Wisdom Carrier

Exclusive Certification:  Become an Elemental Wisdom Carrier

Available as an additional certificate of completion, for those who have gone through all three levels of NR100, NR200, and NR300 in person with a Natural Rhythms™ Creation Coach & Facilitator. It’s included at the level three of the online training.

Accomplishing this level of elemental training and receiving an additional certification equips you with the capacity to effectively utilize the elements in small group ceremonies or hold complimentary manifestation circles for your community.

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NR100, 200, and 300 are Exclusively Available in person through a Natural Rhythms™ Creation Coach & Facilitator

“Together the elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit weave the fabric of our world together, while actively functioning as teachers of consciousness.”

Lisa Michaels

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