Feminine Leadership Revolution

Entrepreneur Leadership Path

Business creation forms a foundational path of manifestation. The more consciously a business owner engages the elemental forces of creation in the leadership of their business, the greater their level of inner alignment and support becomes in order to create a financially thriving business.

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Entrepreneur Leadership Path

  • Natural Rhythms Business Acceleration

  • Create A Financially Thriving Divine Feminine Business

  • Conscious Dance Facilitator Training

  • Profitable & Transformational Workshop Secrets

  • Online Facilitation Secrets & Marketing Magic

  • Global Goddesspreneur

Revolutionize Your Entrepreneurial Leadership

Aligning with Mother Nature’s elemental forces of creation revolutionizes your business leadership from the inside out. Consciously calling forth and working with each of the elemental realms of creation Earth/Physical, Water/Emotional, Air/Mental, Fire/Action, and Spirit/Spiritual strengthens your ability to manifest a thriving business.

“We ought to dance with rapture that we might be alive…and part of the living, incarnate cosmos.”

D.H. Lawrence


Natural Rhythms™ Business Acceleration

Accelerate your ability to grow a thriving business with the principles of Natural Rhythms™ and the elemental forces of creation. Details coming soon. Available through a select few advanced Natural Rhythms™ Creation Coach and Facilitators.

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Natural Rhythms Business Acceleration
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Create A Financially Thriving Divine Feminine Business

In this program, discover the basics of aligning your business with the Divine Feminine and the elemental forces of creation to grow it into a thriving enterprise. Click Here for More Details.

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Conscious Dance Facilitator Training

This program reveals multiple ways you can use conscious dance to enhance learning and deep inner discovery. It provides you with a framework for offering conscious dance classes or easily integrating this powerful tool in any workshop you offer. The body is your sacred elemental container and manifestation vessel. If you facilitate any type of workshop, you’ll definitely want to add this creation and manifestation tool to boost your results.

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Profitable & Transformational Workshop Secrets

Profitable & Transformational Workshop Secrets

This program is loaded with the facilitation tools and secrets Lisa Michaels has used in her 20 years of transformational, accelerated-learning facilitation experience. Shave years off your learning curve, provide tremendous results for your workshop attendees, and increase your profitable business bottom-line.

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Online Facilitation Secrets & Marketing Magic

Utilizing online tools increases your ability to facilitate and market globally. Understanding all the moving parts and systems that go into creating smooth program and marketing delivery makes a huge difference in your results.

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global woman

Global Goddesspreneur

A group of Global Goddesspreneurs dedicated to mutually collaborating to help themselves and other women build a prosperous sustainable residual income stream and a lifestyle of fun, freedom, and fulfillment.

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“Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.”

Maya Angelou

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