In this potent Meditation
  • Discover How the Divine Feminine Impacts Your Creation Capacity
  • Deepen Your Rhythmic Feminine Wisdom
  • Gain Access to Feminine Essence and Insights

In case you missed it

Check out this potent Meditation

  • Learn 3 reasons why women need the rejuvenating power of the Divine Feminine
  • Discover why it is important for all women to gain access to this Feminine Power Source
  • Experience a guided meditation that allows you to meet your own inner Goddess

Integrate Goddess Wisdom in Your Daily Life

The more you open to the Divine Feminine wisdom, calling her into all the aspects of your life, the more she’ll fill you up and strengthen you from the inside out. The program is designed for those waking up to the Goddess and it will fill your soul no matter where you find yourself on your journey.

Module 1

Divine Feminine Awakening
  • Hearing the call of the Divine Feminine.
  • Waking up the deep need for feminine wisdom.
  • Why women today desperately need Goddess wisdom.
Tara, the Tibetan Goddess

Module 2

Honoring Many Faces of the Divine Feminine
  • How to connect to the multifaceted Divine Feminine.
  • Ways different Goddesses awaken feminine leadership attributes in you.
  • Discover how Goddess icons impact your body image.
Hathor goddess

Module 3

Power of the Feminine Life Cycle
  • Open to the sacred secrets of womb power.
  • Uncover the gifts of each stage of life; maiden, mother, priestess, and crone.
  • Honor the precious wisdom of your sacred journey.

Module 4

Reclaiming Your Intuitive Nature
  • Access your deeply intuitive nature.
  • Open your intuition on each realm of creation.
  • Strengthen your inner guidance and wisdom.
Hecate, the Goddess of Crossroads

Module 5

Goddess Ceremony and Celebration
  • Uncover the true purpose of ceremony.
  • Learn the basics of living ceremony.
  • Discover the sacred Divine Feminine ceremonial timings.
goddess sophia

Module 6

Divine Feminine Integration Potency
  • Uncover why integration is vital to feminine consciousness.
  • Allow the program magic to unfold further in your awareness.
  • Taking your inner Goddess wisdom with you in every facet of life.
Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess

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Coupon is valid through the end of May 2017. No cash value. One per client for new programs only. 

Wednesdays @ 7:30pm Eastern

May 31, June 7, 14, 21, 28, July 5
Headshots- Judy, Nancy,Dionne-8816

with Judy Keating

Meet Judy

Judy Keating, M.A. Priestess Process Facilitator, has emerged as a Priestess, High Priestess and Alchemical Creation Goddess through the lineage of Nicole Christine and Lisa Michaels.

Judy has become an expert in Personal Development through 20 years of facilitation, study, practice and personal work. She is an in-demand public speaker, intuitive guide and gifted holder of sacred space. She is drawn to facilitate this work in particular, due to the pristine nature of this powerful process.

Judy serves with the certainty that every person has their own unique expression of the divine and her spirit nurtures the safety of the group container while she encourages daring in each participant’s growth and process.

This is Judy’s third season holding potent space for initiates of the Alchemical Creation Priestess process online.


Now through June 2

ONLY $77

Thursdays @ 1:30pm Eastern

June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and July 6

with Dionne Ruff-Sloan

Meet Dionne

Dionne Ruff-Sloan is a Natural Rhythms Creation Coach, Certified Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Practitioner and Alchemical Creation Goddess.

She is amazing at deep listening, helping you reframe limiting beliefs, and guiding you to clarity.

She’s been sharing her wisdom and insight through blogging [] and classes for several years now. She loves knitting, dressing in costumes and creating memorable experiences for friends and family.

She lives in Duluth, GA with her husband, daughter, son and 2 dachshunds.

This will be her second year powerfully facilitating the Alchemical Creation Priestess process


Now through June 2

ONLY $77

Fridays @ 10:00am Eastern

June 2, 9,16, 23, 30, July 7

with Kathy Daugherty

Meet Kathy

Kathy Daugherty, MS, Cht, has been guiding women to tap into their Body Wisdom for 30 years. Kathy is a Reiki Master and Master Energy Healer, Ceremonial Pipe Carrier, Ceremony Leader, ordained minister and Alchemical Creation Goddess

Kathy owns Celestial Forest Learning and Celestial Forest Energy School where she trains in several healing modalities.

She helps individuals listen to their body’s guidance to improve their health, wealth, business and life.

This is Kathy’s third year guiding Alchemical Creation Priestess’s into a new level of claiming their leadership online.


Now through June 2

ONLY $77

The spirit that never dies is called the Mysterious Feminine
   Although She becomes the whole Universe, her immaculate purity is never lost.
     Although She assumes countless forms, her true identity remains intact ….

Listen to Her voice … hear it echo through Creation!

– 6th Verse of the Tao